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All the clients I have referred to Dennis have been very happy with the results and the service he provides. His approach and methods, which avoid overpowering the dog, are ones that I feel comfortable in recommending. I feel confident that the clients I refer with behavioral or training problems will get the results they need.

- David McKenna, DVM
Owner, West Lake Forest Animal Hospital, Lake Bluff, IL



Dennis has successfully treated my clients’ dogs difficult behavioral problems ranging from aggression to house soiling. The clients have been very pleased with his excellent results, patience and sincerity. I can recommend his service with the utmost confidence and without reservation.

- J. Anthony Dillon, DVM
Knollwood Animal Hospital, Lake Bluff, IL



Dennis has helped me see things from a dog’s point of view. Veterinarians are not trained specifically in dog behavior. I was just as naive as some of my clients as far as thinking we had to dominate puppies in order to create well-behaved dogs. I try to encourage his ‘let the dog be right’ approach in training and it works!

- Lori Blackwell, DVM
Blackwell Mobile Veterinary Services, Lake Villa, IL



From destructive behavior to aggressive behavior problems, Dennis has saved many of my clients’ pets from having to be destroyed. If followed, his methods of pet behavior modification work.

- Ned Bartlett, DVM
Parkway Animal Hospital, Panama City, FL


Dennis tailors what he does towards the individual dog, owner and surrounding situations, which is what makes the biggest difference, whereas classes are the same for everyone. He educates the dog to think and want to learn.


- Susan Sallee, DVM

Grayslake Animal Hospital, Grayslake, IL

Dennis Hill has been a huge success with all of our clients in Britain. We would like him cloned!

- Keith Butt, MA, VetMB (Cantab), MRCVS
Kynace Veterinary Clinic, London, UK


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