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Meet Dennis Hill

Dennis has a successful dog training business on Chicago’s North Shore. He started as a professional dog trainer in 1980. Dennis and his staff work with Chicago area dog owners and their dogs, training them for real-life situations by using real-life settings in their homes and neighborhoods. He also works with breeders, shelters, animal hospitals and veterinary schools throughout the nation and in England.

The inspiration for his training philosophy came from the realization that there was something wrong with the prevailing systems, which were based on overpowering the animal. Using methods that relied on submission, correction, and instilling fear made owners into taskmasters.

Dennis designed a system that gives the dog the right information – information the dog can comprehend and use is tied to the dog’s innate desire to please. Dennis Hill's training philosophy results in obedience that is based on your relationship with your pet, not on control.

With 40 years of experience as an animal behaviorist and dog trainer, Dennis has served as a consultant to thousands of clients worldwide and offers extensive experience in all types of training including basic puppy training and behavioral issues such as aggression, possessiveness, excessive barking, jumping and biting. In addition to problem-solving, Dennis has a wealth of experience in companionship coaching and has worked with many special needs dogs including deaf and blind dogs.

Watch the video below to see the WGN Morning Show segment

with Dennis Hill, "The Dog Whisperer".

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