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Dog Training with Dennis Hill

Dennis Hill's training empowers rather than overpowers your dog. The approach meets the needs of owner and dog. Training in real-life settings for real-life situations, it's training that works because it makes sense to both owners and dogs.


Please give us a call if your dog:


  • Won't respond to the "no" or "come" command

  • Won't walk without pulling

  • Runs away

  • Jumps on people

  • Won't housebreak

  • Chews

  • Steals food

  • Barks incessantly

  • Bites

  • Seems untrainable


If you've just gotten a puppy, and want to know:

  • When to begin training

  • How to avoid or eliminate bad habits and behaviors

  • How to create a well-mannered, happy dog


​On your initial call, we discuss your specific situation and goals for your relationship with your dog(s).The first step is to set up an appointment that serves as an initial consultation and first training session.

Training is most effective in your dog’s typical environment, so both the consultation and training should take place in your home or the location where your dog spends the majority of his/her time.

During the sessions, Dennis works one-on-one with you, family members and your dog. Because the goal is to create effective and well-defined roles and expectations between you and your dog, your involvement in training is very important to achieving lasting success.

Because Dennis actually teaches dogs rather than dominates or bribes them, training sessions are really learning sessions. Your dog gains confidence and you strengthen your relationship. In addition to being a positive experience for both you and your dog, you will find that your dog learns very quickly - for example, most dogs are ready to start off-leash training in about five lessons!


Puppy Training


Behavioral Issues





Special Needs


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